Personal Values And Christian Dating

A lot of people looking for love tend to overlook what is important. More often than not, they merely look for someone to love and that’s it .As Christians it is important to remember your values when Christian dating.

You see, many people looking for love want passion, romance and the feeling of being secure. Others who know better likewise look for a true love who will be there for the rest of their lives and share their personal values.

Sometimes however, looking for love can be quite “automatic”. You see someone you’re attracted to, you get to know them and voila! Things go well and the two of you become an “item”. After a while though, things go sour. Fights begin and harsh words are hurled in all directions. Unfortunately, some couples can’t take the pressure and break up. The reason? Incompatibility. They just didn’t see eye to eye on certain issues. More often than not, it is the “vital issues” that caused the falling out.

Personal values are an integral part of any relationship. These values refer to what a person holds dear, what they consider important in their lives. Religion, family, friends, career, and so on. It is hard enough making a relationship work. It becomes a lot harder when the same two people don’t agree on the important things in life.

Take for instance a Christian couple. They go to the same Church, attend service together and seem like they’re happy. A lot of people would assume then that they’ve got it made. Unfortunately, things aren’t as rosy as they seem. The lady considers her religion, her family, career, and so on as her “treasured” values. She is a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage. The bloke on the other hand has the same list of priorities. The problem is that his are a bit mixed up. Work and friends are placed before his family. And infidelity is taken lightly. The poor missus however, is clueless about what is going on–for now. It’s like a bomb ticking away, waiting to explode.

Of course simply holding the same religious views does not make you an ideal couple. This is opposed to a couple who don’t share the same religion. He’s Christian and she’s a Jew. Think they’re doomed? Hold your horses and allow us finish. The difference between them and the previous couple is that their priorities are a perfect match. Moreover, they hold as Sacred the exact same values. And this keeps them together no matter what storms life may bring.

What we’re trying to say here is that it doesn’t matter from where you are, what background you have, and so on. Of course, these play a vital role in making you the person you are. As a couple however, the two of you need to share the same values in order to face whatever comes your way. It is these crucial moments that matter most.

So when looking for love, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to know their personal values. Doing so can spell the difference between a lifetime of happiness and one that ends up in heartache.

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