Be Yourself When Christian Dating

A lot of singles know that Christian dating can be quite cumbersome. No, we’re not implying that Christian dating is a chore. But whether one admits it or not, it can be a little bit of a struggle finding a date sometimes.

Think about it. How long have you been Christian dating? Chances are, you’ve gone to so many parties and pubs. And most likely, you’ve had a few dates on occasion. But that’s just it. They just didn’t work out.

So here you are, back to square one in the whole Christian dating game. Not to worry old boy. You can still find a mate while going about your daily routine. What? Have you gone mad, you ask? No, we’re serious. Try some of the following:

  1. First of all, examine yourself. What could be the reason for all those past relationships not working out? While you may assert that they just weren’t “the one”, there is more to it than that. Learn from your past mistakes and make a firm resolve not to commit them again.
  2. Change your outlook in life. So you’ve had a few bad dates. We all have. Don’t let these setbacks discourage you from moving forward. Not all dates are meant to turn out the wrong way. You will hit it off sometime soon. Just be patient. And think positive.
  3. Get to know yourself. Before you meet other people, why not get to know yourself first. This is really the best place to start. Know what you like as well as what you don’t like. Know the real you. And accept him or her. People who aren’t comfortable with themselves will have a hard time accepting others.
  4. Get out more. There are numerous places to see. Now is the perfect time to see them. And why not be with the best companion you can have – yourself.
  5. While you’re out there, keep your eyes open for possible dates. No, we’re not saying that’s all you should do. But when you do see one, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Subtle flirting techniques as well as polite yet interesting “ice breakers” will definitely come in handy.
  6. Remember that the whole point of this exercise is to fit it into your lifestyle. This means that you need not go far to find a potential date. Go about your usual routine. If you like going to the gym for instance, then start there. There are lots of interesting men and women at the gym. And the common interest will give you something to talk about during those crucial first minutes.
  7. Have you ever wanted to learn something new? Now is the time. Not only will you be enriching your knowledge, you may just find the love of your life here.

Remember that Christian dating need not be a struggle. All it takes is being yourself. No matter who you are.

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