Christian Dating The Right Way

You’ve been playing the dating game for quite some time now but still haven’t found Mr./Ms. Right. Chances are you’re dating the wrong way. Christian Dating the wrong way, you ask?
Believe or not, people actually make mistakes when it comes to dating, sometimes grave ones that cause them to stop dating altogether. So why not examine yourself and see whether or not you’re right on track or if you need some adjustment.

The Escape artist: here is a person who lets you believe he/she wants a commitment. But underneath all that sweet talk lies an escape plan—having a phobia when it comes to long-term commitment; a partner who will go “poof” at the first sign of trouble or; even worse, a serial dater with other dates on the go. While you may not be the escape artist yourself, your choice of dates may say otherwise.

Misfiring or crossed wiring: we’ve all been hurt before. That’s fine really as it helps us grow. The bad thing is when we let our bruised hearts choose our dates for us—just to find romance, we would be blind to the obvious incompatibilities—be it a homebody hooking up with a night owl who loves to go clubbing; a wide boy dating a good girl, or the like.

The wrong vintage: ah yes, the older man with the young girl—25 years his junior! Or the young man falling for the older woman – old enough to be his mother. While this may work for some couples, yielding long-term till-death-do-us-part results, dating someone way beyond one’s age bracket just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Not only do the jokes and lifestyle get lost in the inter-generational translation, the whole compatibility thing would most likely get lost too.

Limited Selection: there are billions of people on the planet and surely, there’s one Christian boy/man or girl/woman out there for you. And if you’re the type who is dating for the right reasons—to find the special someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life with, then don’t settle for the first cute smile you see at the local bookshop, or that hunk who helped you carry those shopping bags one rainy afternoon. Christian dating is choosing. And the more available people you choose—you go out with, the better your chances of finding Mr./Ms Right.

Tired of dating? Don’t be. Chances are, you just need some fine-tuning in the way you choose your date. Remember, if you’re after a life-long commitment, you’re surely after the best. And getting the best can take quite some time.



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