The Key To Long Term Christian Dating Happiness

The key to long-term Christian dating happiness
If you’ve found someone through online Christian dating that you’ve been seeing for a while, then you might think your dating worries are over. After all, this is a serious relationship now, so you don’t need any help, right?
Actually, you may need more help than you think. If your relationship is moving on, it’s because you’ve got over the initial thrill of finding a partner and have settled into a routine. Does this mean that you should forget all the Christian dating hints and tips we’ve been giving you? Absolutely not. It’s just as important to make your partner feel special 12 months or even 12 years into your relationship as it was at the beginning, so here are some reminders:

  • Start with the little things. Everyone appreciates a little thought now and again, and this will be true throughout your whole relationship, no matter how long it lasts. It was probably your attention to detail that was one of the things that attracted your date to you in the first place, so it would be a shame to lose it now. Whether it’s opening doors for your girlfriend or taking your bloke to a pub where the football’s on, keep making the effort.
  • Make time for them. We all know that people are working long hours and have careers to maintain. We also know that our other activities – going to the gym or the clubs we belong to – can take up our time. Make sure there are things you can do as a couple so that you are spending time together – even if it’s meeting up for a drink after your individual commitments are over. It gives you something to look forward to and means that neither of you ends up feeling neglected.
  • Be honest. Sounds obvious, but it’s usually the obvious stuff that lets you down. Don’t flirt with other people; pay attention to what’s happening in your date’s life; try and sort out any problems before they get too big to handle, and don’t forget to tell them how you feel about them – everyone needs an ego boost now and then.
  • Remember to keep your Christian faith and beliefs at the heart of your relationship.


Dating’s fun, and its great when it turns into a longer relationship, but you have to work just as hard at keeping that relationship together.


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