A Brief Introduction To Dating …And Meeting The Parents

You’ve been dating this wonderful Christian single lady for a little less than a year now. She means a lot to you and you can’t really ask for anything more. She’s sweet, kind, looks after you and is very understanding. You’ll do anything to make her happy.
Everything seems to be going well. As Christian singles you’ve even discussed marriage, the inevitable part of steady dating. This discussion, though brought up several times, wasn’t really made concrete as the two of you seem to be happy as you are now. One day, however, she suddenly drops the proverbial bomb on you – she wants you to meet her parents. This suddenly brings that horrific thought to mind, that of greater things to come, in a manner of speaking.No, it isn’t that you’re afraid of marriage. You’ve even talked about it and are quite ready for it. It’s just that meeting her parents can admittedly be quite nerve-wracking. It suddenly makes you feel as though you’re going through the eye of a needle. What’s more, you’ve heard a few stories of how her older siblings had to move heaven and earth just so their parents would get to like their significant others. In other words, they aren’t exactly the easiest people to please.Not to worry, you can still meet her parents without feeling as though you’re the smallest person in the world. All you need is to have confidence. Here are a few tips:

  • First of all, be mindful of what to wear. Whether you like it or not, first impressions count a lot. What you wear is a crucial part of this impression. So whether you’re meeting them at a formal restaurant or at home, make it a point to dress up a bit more than usual. This isn’t saying you should be too formal and come in a tuxedo or a ball gown. Just wear something conservative and classy.
  • Speaking of confidence, exude that air of confidence when you’re introduced. Compliment them on the place (if you’re at home) or on something that they’re wearing. Just remember to keep both your confidence and compliments in check and sincere.
  • It would also be an excellent idea to bring some food, wine or flowers as a small token. You should likewise send a thank you card or telephone them the next day. Do these in the name of gratitude for their hospitality.
  • Most importantly, be yourself, albeit in a more refined manner. Let them see the real you. After all, they will be seeing more if these ’til death do you and your love part, right?

So there you have it, just a few simple tips for Christian singles dating and meeting the parents. Remember to relax. Doing so will ensure a successful step towards a smooth lifelong relationship with your future in-laws. Good luck.



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