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Christian Dating The Right Way

You’ve been playing the dating game for quite some time now but still haven’t found Mr./Ms. Right. Chances are you’re dating the wrong way. Christian Dating the wrong way, you ask?
Believe or not, people actually make mistakes when it comes to dating, sometimes grave ones that cause them to stop dating altogether. So why not examine yourself and see whether or not you’re right on track or if you need some adjustment.

The Escape artist: here is a person who lets you believe he/she wants a commitment. But underneath all that sweet talk lies an escape plan—having a phobia when it comes to long-term commitment; a partner who will go “poof” at the first sign of trouble or; even worse, a serial dater with other dates on the go. While you may not be the escape artist yourself, your choice of dates may say otherwise.

Misfiring or crossed wiring: we’ve all been hurt before. That’s fine really as it helps us grow. The bad thing is when we let our bruised hearts choose our dates for us—just to find romance, we would be blind to the obvious incompatibilities—be it a homebody hooking up with a night owl who loves to go clubbing; a wide boy dating a good girl, or the like.

The wrong vintage: ah yes, the older man with the young girl—25 years his junior! Or the young man falling for the older woman – old enough to be his mother. While this may work for some couples, yielding long-term till-death-do-us-part results, dating someone way beyond one’s age bracket just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Not only do the jokes and lifestyle get lost in the inter-generational translation, the whole compatibility thing would most likely get lost too.

Limited Selection: there are billions of people on the planet and surely, there’s one Christian boy/man or girl/woman out there for you. And if you’re the type who is dating for the right reasons—to find the special someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life with, then don’t settle for the first cute smile you see at the local bookshop, or that hunk who helped you carry those shopping bags one rainy afternoon. Christian dating is choosing. And the more available people you choose—you go out with, the better your chances of finding Mr./Ms Right.

Tired of dating? Don’t be. Chances are, you just need some fine-tuning in the way you choose your date. Remember, if you’re after a life-long commitment, you’re surely after the best. And getting the best can take quite some time.



Thank You For Matching Us!

Jay and I first started chatting to one another during the Olympics closing ceremony making each other laugh about how terrible the Spice Girls were!

We then began chatting everyday thereafter for hours, before arranging our first date.We chatted on the site and I knew almost immediately that we were right for each other so when we came to meeting on our first date there were no nerves or awkwardness between us. I chose to wear a black shirt , blue jeans and a black jacket and Jay looked amazing in a green dress and killer heals.

We’ve been together ever since (almost every day!)

Andy and Jay

The Key To Long Term Christian Dating Happiness

The key to long-term Christian dating happiness
If you’ve found someone through online Christian dating that you’ve been seeing for a while, then you might think your dating worries are over. After all, this is a serious relationship now, so you don’t need any help, right?
Actually, you may need more help than you think. If your relationship is moving on, it’s because you’ve got over the initial thrill of finding a partner and have settled into a routine. Does this mean that you should forget all the Christian dating hints and tips we’ve been giving you? Absolutely not. It’s just as important to make your partner feel special 12 months or even 12 years into your relationship as it was at the beginning, so here are some reminders:

  • Start with the little things. Everyone appreciates a little thought now and again, and this will be true throughout your whole relationship, no matter how long it lasts. It was probably your attention to detail that was one of the things that attracted your date to you in the first place, so it would be a shame to lose it now. Whether it’s opening doors for your girlfriend or taking your bloke to a pub where the football’s on, keep making the effort.
  • Make time for them. We all know that people are working long hours and have careers to maintain. We also know that our other activities – going to the gym or the clubs we belong to – can take up our time. Make sure there are things you can do as a couple so that you are spending time together – even if it’s meeting up for a drink after your individual commitments are over. It gives you something to look forward to and means that neither of you ends up feeling neglected.
  • Be honest. Sounds obvious, but it’s usually the obvious stuff that lets you down. Don’t flirt with other people; pay attention to what’s happening in your date’s life; try and sort out any problems before they get too big to handle, and don’t forget to tell them how you feel about them – everyone needs an ego boost now and then.
  • Remember to keep your Christian faith and beliefs at the heart of your relationship.


Dating’s fun, and its great when it turns into a longer relationship, but you have to work just as hard at keeping that relationship together.


A Brief Introduction To Dating …And Meeting The Parents

You’ve been dating this wonderful Christian single lady for a little less than a year now. She means a lot to you and you can’t really ask for anything more. She’s sweet, kind, looks after you and is very understanding. You’ll do anything to make her happy.
Everything seems to be going well. As Christian singles you’ve even discussed marriage, the inevitable part of steady dating. This discussion, though brought up several times, wasn’t really made concrete as the two of you seem to be happy as you are now. One day, however, she suddenly drops the proverbial bomb on you – she wants you to meet her parents. This suddenly brings that horrific thought to mind, that of greater things to come, in a manner of speaking.No, it isn’t that you’re afraid of marriage. You’ve even talked about it and are quite ready for it. It’s just that meeting her parents can admittedly be quite nerve-wracking. It suddenly makes you feel as though you’re going through the eye of a needle. What’s more, you’ve heard a few stories of how her older siblings had to move heaven and earth just so their parents would get to like their significant others. In other words, they aren’t exactly the easiest people to please.Not to worry, you can still meet her parents without feeling as though you’re the smallest person in the world. All you need is to have confidence. Here are a few tips:

  • First of all, be mindful of what to wear. Whether you like it or not, first impressions count a lot. What you wear is a crucial part of this impression. So whether you’re meeting them at a formal restaurant or at home, make it a point to dress up a bit more than usual. This isn’t saying you should be too formal and come in a tuxedo or a ball gown. Just wear something conservative and classy.
  • Speaking of confidence, exude that air of confidence when you’re introduced. Compliment them on the place (if you’re at home) or on something that they’re wearing. Just remember to keep both your confidence and compliments in check and sincere.
  • It would also be an excellent idea to bring some food, wine or flowers as a small token. You should likewise send a thank you card or telephone them the next day. Do these in the name of gratitude for their hospitality.
  • Most importantly, be yourself, albeit in a more refined manner. Let them see the real you. After all, they will be seeing more if these ’til death do you and your love part, right?

So there you have it, just a few simple tips for Christian singles dating and meeting the parents. Remember to relax. Doing so will ensure a successful step towards a smooth lifelong relationship with your future in-laws. Good luck.



Step Out Of Your Christian Dating Comfort Zone

Has dating become a tiresome activity for you? If you are a single Christian and ready to meet a life partner, the whole dating scene may have become quite frustrating.
Think about it – the same places, same people, and same small talk conversation. It’s time to snap out of it and step out of your Christian dating comfort zone.Most people tend to stick to what is familiar and comfortable to them – familiar places, familiar people. What is a comfort zone? A comfort zone is a self-imposed, self-built imaginary zone consisting of various elements – friends, people, places and activities. The dating comfort zone consists of the same circle of people around which you find a date (i.e. dating your friends’ friend) and the same methods of finding a date (i.e. friends’ parties, church community activities and gatherings, local pubs and clubs).If you are still single and getting tired of the same old dating scene, now is a better time than any to finally step out of your dating comfort zone. Try out new places, seek out and make new friends, and maybe even experiment with a new look for yourself. The fear of the unknown is what hinders most people from stepping out of their so-called comfort zone. Fear of rejection and failure are also common reasons. Here are a few tips to help make the transition as painless as possible.

  • Make a list of activities that you have always wanted to try. What are some of the sport activities you are interested in? Maybe golf, scuba diving, tennis, or badminton? How about finally joining the new gym or signing up for flamenco dance lessons? Not only do you learn and enjoy a new hobby, you are able to meet new friends and potential dates in the process.

If you are afraid that you will look like a fool when trying the new sport, don’t despair. Everybody, even the best athletes, fumbles when they play a sport for the first time. You can’t expect to be hitting smash after smash on your first go on the tennis court now can you?

  • Go online and join a specialist Christian dating service. With online dating, you can find thousands, even millions, of single Christian men and women. You can search for singles that share your beliefs, interests and hobbies. You can even find out more about a potential date before going out on an actual date by reading their profile.

The real beauty of online dating is that you can search for a date from the comforts of your home at any time of the day or night. If you are still a bit shy about stepping out of your dating comfort zone, online dating provides you with the privacy and anonymity that will help make the process of stepping out of your comfort zone much easier.

So step out of your dating comfort zone today!  There is not much to lose (if anything at all) and so much to gain. There is a whole world of new adventures, experiences and Christian singles just waiting to be discovered. Good luck!