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Is your Christian Dating profile really personal?

Is your Christian Dating profile really personal?

The more you say about yourself, the better your responses will be

Are you someone who looks browses online profiles, but isn’t convinced that this form of dating is for you? Perhaps the whole personal profile world looks too impersonal to you – but these personal profiles have worked for thousands of Christians and if you use them properly, they could work for you too.Online dating is used by a wide variety of people to find a new partner or just a new friend. You can’t do this successfully without telling people a little about yourself, but you can do it without making yourself vulnerable to others. Try these simple tactics when you’re preparing your personal profile for a Christian dating site:

 Anonymous, not impersonal

Safety concerns mean personal profiles are best left anonymous until you decide you want to tell someone who you are. This doesn’t mean you can’t be personal when you’re compiling your profile, however. In fact, the more you tell people about yourself, the more likely you are to get responses from people you want to meet. Don’t give out phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses or full names, but do make your personal profile positive and attractive.  Above all, do not be afraid to be positive about your Christian beliefs; after all you are looking to meet someone with similar beliefs.

 What about you?

People are reading the personal profiles to find someone they might be compatible with. To have a chance to attract your ideal partner, you need to tell them what you’re like and the things that interest you.  Give as much detail as you like, because a personal profile that differs from the norm is the one that will stand out to readers. Summing yourself up in 30 words sounds hard, but if you start with a list of all your positive points, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to focus on the ones that you think might get a good response. You want your readers to come away with a mental picture of you, your lifestyle and your Christian beliefs.

 The photograph

If you can, post a good photograph of yourself.  In general, choose a photograph that just shows you, in a relaxed, informal pose. It’s not usually necessary to have pictures taken specially – just use a good photo you already have; one from church might be appropriate.

Personal profiles should not be impersonal; they’re just another great way of linking up with fellow Christians you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Write yours wisely, and you’ll see exactly how it can enhance your Christian dating experiences.


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